I have just completed the 7-week course on boating safety and basic seamanship titled The Squadron Boating Course.  OK, I’m going to blow my own horn and say that I completed the 85-question exam in 25 minutes and got 100% correct.  Oh that sounded so bad!  But the intent is to re-enforce the fact that all boaters need to review proper safety regulations and rules of the road on a periodic basis.  And this review was good for me.  Why did we join?  The initial intent was to gain reduced rates on our insurance.  Our reason now seems to be migrating to education in that the USPS offers a number of courses that cover topics in seamanship, navigation, radar, VHF communications and much more.  I will be taking advantage of these courses as the year progresses.

The local USPS chapter is the Seminole Power Squadron.

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