Posted November 16, 2004

Our six fuel tanks are monitored by four site tubes.  How’s that – you say?  The forward most two tanks on either side are cross connected with a bottom pick up tube that is equipped with a valve so that it can be shut off.  The aft of the two tanks on each side then have a site tube which provides an indication of the total fuel quantity.

The site tubes on our current configuration are made of clear tubing that you can buy at West Marine or other outlets such as Home Depot.  The major problem with this tubing is that the diesel fuel will discolor it to the point of making a reading difficult if not impossible after 3 to 6 months.

I don’t know if this reply went out before, so if it did, sorry for the repeat. This site has sight tubes made for gasoline or diesel. It’s a polycarbonate called “Tenite” with appropriate hardware.

The material is called “tenite” so you could search for it locally as well. Don’t stop reading here: we’ve got more great reading about trawler maintenance aboard Tortuga.


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