The first item for repair is the 24VDC charger to handle the starting batteries.  The current unit is a Sentry Series C converter from Marine Development Corporation.  It’s been cooking the batteries in full charge mode since who knows when.  A new Charles Model 5000 charger was ordered from OnLine Marine today.  BoatUS please take note, they offered the unit at 40% less than you did.  The charger is critical since the 24V alternator on the port engine (12VDC on the starboard engine) is completely disconnected.  That’s high on my to do list also.

Ordered spare filter set for Kohler genset (Model 8CCO).  Parts coming from Nixon Power Services in Nashville.  The genset does not run with the fuel rack solenoid engaged.  I think it’s the alternator voltage regulator not providing the right signal.  That’s been ordered also!

The new 24VDC charger was installed this last weekend.  Went in with absolutely no problems.  Drew 30 amps when first lit off then after an hour dropped to a comfortable 2 amps.  I’ll leave the 12 VDC charger in place for a while until the new house battery system is complete.

I moved the genset battery out of the box forward of the engines (where all other batteries are) adjacent to the genset itself.  This allowed me to remove the 20′ of cable runs and get rid of two red colored lines.  Can you imagine, the negative wire was red????  Now I can install a second set of house batteries in the original location.  No explanation for why the previous owner removed the second house battery.  Will need to completely trace all wiring to ensure its correct.  It appears the 12VDC charger is already wired to supply current to both sets.  I’ll be installing a battery combiner to allow charging from the single alternator.
This still leave considerable work to be completed on the 24VDC engine charging system.  Right now its completely disconnected.
Rewired the mast and all electrical connectors for navigation and anchor lights.  This also required repainting the cover panel on the aft end of the pilot house (external).  I’ll get pictures on the next trip.
I checked every thing possible to determine why the genset fuel rack solenoid wasn’t getting power.  The only option left is to replace the control module.  This circuit card has the relays and power sensing diodes.  Failure of anyone of these relays would explain the problem.


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