I emailed the Huckins Yacht folks regarding bottom painting.  There was real concern on my part since we have moved her down from the cold water climates of Annapolis to Jacksonville that parasite (worms) would be a real problem.  Kerry informed me that starting now through the end of February I would not need to repaint but should consider it at that time.  I indicated that we would not be taking any voyages and was concerned that ablative types of paint would not slough off enough to allow fresh chemical exposure.  He agreed but still suggested waiting until late February or early march.  I also asked about switching to a leaching style paint.  He indicated that this was considered a permanent paint and should not be applied over ablative types.

Kerry quoted a price of $1,360 for the haul out and painting.

Update: Some minor problems were found at Huckins this week.  They have recommended the Pettit Trinidad SR bottom paint.  It is a hard paint with significant slime reduction capabilities.  A careful inspection of the bottom indicates some wear and tear.  The only significant problem being a plank one up from the keelson that has opened.  Huckins has reefed the joint and will re-caulk prior to priming.  The water line shows significant abrasion of the paint.  Kerry indicated that this is normal for near water line paint.  The wave action combined with drying out and wetting out repeatedly causes the paint to flake off.  We will be sanding and priming almost the entire water line area prior to applying two coats of Trinidad SR.

Stay tuned for the final quote.  The sanding and priming will take at least eight more hours so we are near $2,000 for the total work this week.

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