New Racors

We selected the Racor 75/500FG fuel filter for several reasons.  I needed a filter assembly that could be changed while underway and yet still keep the engine running.  The original fuel filters where configured in this manor and it proved its worth on several occasions.  I also needed a filter whose elements could be purchased at almost any marine supply store.  Previously, I had to order the filter elements from England.  The Racor filters were purchased from Green Marine & Industrial Equipment Co. at a cost of $448 each.  That’s about $300 cheaper than West Marine or Boat U.S.  Make sure that you specify the correct element when you purchase.

Removal of the original filters went smoothly.  It provided the opportunity to clean and repair the mounting board which is located on the forward engine room bulkhead.  I was able to salvage fittings from the copper tubing on the fuel distribution manifold.  I elected to run rubber tubing from the fuel manifold to the filter manifold to simplify installation.  I used the diesel repair book by Nigel Calder to determine the filter density.  The book recommends 10 to 30 microns for primary filters and 2 to 10 microns for secondary filters.  I am using the “Blue” filter which is 10 microns.  Fuel flow through these filters is a slow 3 GPH at full speed.  I don’t think I’ll run into fuel flow problems.


Racors Installed

Priming the fuel filter bowl was completed, fuel lines where bled and the engines started.  After a few hiccups from trapped air I missed the engines settled down to a perfect quiet roar.  After all, these are Gardner 6LWs!  The vacuum gauge stayed in the black zone.  Being able to diagnose filter restriction problems with a glance at the gauges will be heaven!  In case you’re wondering after looking at the photo below – only the right filter has been primed at this point.


Original Filters

During the process of removing old fuel lines and filters I discovered broken cross stringers under two of the battery boxes.  I also noticed that the starting battery box (two 8Ds) had drainage holes drilled into the bottom sides.  Why?  I took the opportunity to remedy these problems while everything was apart.


Racor Diagram


Racor Mounting on Tortuga

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