We are at the historic Huckins Yacht in Jacksonville.  It was a rainy weekend before our departure but the rain stopped as we got underway for the 15 minute trip down river.  The Huckins Yacht yard is famous for the PT boat during WWII and an innovative hull series of motor yachts built during the Fifties and Sixties.  A trip to this wonderful facility built in 1945 is well worth your time.  At the sale dock are at least four vintage ladies ready to be loved and cared for.  A walk through the maintenance buildings showed two more under restoration.

We’re here to have Tortuga’s hull inspected and painted.  While out of the water the new Raymarine “Triducer” will be installed and the two sensors for temperature and speed will be removed.  See the related story on the “Triducer.”  We chose Huckins for two reasons.  They have a reputation for wood boat craftsmanship and they have a marine lift large enough to handle Tortuga.

We will be using Pettit Trinidad SR paint for the bottom.  The SR is a slime resistant hard bottom paint.  Some of the characteristics of the paint are:

  • Vehicle Type – Modified Epoxy/Rosin
  • Finish – Flat
  • Color – we are using #1677 Red
  • Components – 1
  • Coverage – 400 sq.ft. / gal.
  • Active Ingredients – Cuprous Oxide (70.0%)
Tortuga on the lift

On the lift and being chocked and blocked for painting this week.

The bottom inspection found a plank one up from the keelson that was open for almost 4 feet.  That will be reefed and re-caulked.  Two other areas of attention where also noted but in general the bottom was in very good condition.  The zincs on the rudders where still very intact but the keel cooler (radiators) zincs where almost gone.  We have ordered a pair which we hope will arrive in time for installation.  If not, we will rig a set of zincs to hold us over until the Fall haul out.  The cutlass bearings where tight but there was some struts where loose to a very minor extent.  Another point for checkup this Fall.


Sea Ray Tortuga Comparison

Sea Ray Comparison

Above: A photo for comparison.  The boat on the left is a 32 ft. SeaRay similar to our previous St. Tropez from Wellcraft.  What a step upward!

Update: The bottom has been painted and the new transducer installed.  The job looks great!

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