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We will be documenting the maintenance of Tortuga’s priority items below and others over the following months and years.  This will include all items found in the survey plus new items such as galley upgrades, sanitation systems,  electrical and electronics.

Here’s a quick list of immediate items we’re working on:

  • Repair and Install anchor windlass, add teak platform and new chain pipes –  95%
  • Replace complete fresh water supply lines and water heater – DONE
  • Repair 24VDC generator on port engine
  • Replace storage locker hatch on foredeck –  DONE
  • Replace temporary Plexiglas hatch over V-berth on foredeck –   DONE
  • Repair 12VDC generator on starboard engine
  • Replace all eight port lights and patch/rebuild hull planking around port lights –  15%
  • Implement for insurance purposes mandatory repairs outlined in survey –  100%
  • Paint exterior of boat and re-varnish teak where appropriate –  50%
  • Paint entire interior of boat and re-varnish teak where appropriate –  30%
  • Replace all sanitation systems (new toilets and holding tank) –  DONE
  • Replace shower sumps and bilge pumps –  DONE
  • New headliner in solon (including insulation) and bridge and master head – 60%
  • New dingy and lift mounted on solon roof deck – 60%
  • New stainless railings around perimeter of solon roof
  • New safety line and stanchions connecting Portuguese bridge with bow railings
  • New SOLAS life raft
  • New propane stove/oven in galley and propane locked on upper deck
  • New refrigerator – 90%
  • All new electronics for pilot house –  DONE
  • Replace all engine instrumentation on pilot house (possible new engine sensors) – 90%
  • Re-wire significant portions of 12VDC systems to include installation of new 12VDC sub-panel in pilot house –  DONE
  • Paint transom to match new bulwarks –  DONE
  • Replace/repair bulwarks aft of the pilot house –  DONE
  • Repair genset so that it runs with fuel rack solenoid correctly –  DONE
  • Replace battery chargers –  DONE
  • Mount safety railing on foredeck –  DONE
  • Restore engine room ventilation to original and tear out current Jury-Rigged systems (did you know that’s a nautical term) –  DONE

Did anyone notice that I work on multiple projects without necessarily completing each one first?  :)  You can only paint for so long!

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