lantrackerEven the best owners manual can’t begin to have schematics that show every wire, it’s origin and destination.  At least on trawlers as old a Tortuga.  A case in point, I needed to trace the speaker wire for the AM/FM radio in the pilot house to the salon.  It would have been impossible to attempt visually since the wire bundles split apart in hidden places at times.  Radio Shack and many other electronic parts stores carry wire tracing test equipment similar to the GET-4220 LAN Tracker which I purchased.  This unit is comprised of a transmitter and receiver in a compact combination housing.  The only limitation to using these devices is that the wire being traced should (perhaps even must) be opened on both ends.  That is, not connected to speakers or the radio or to lights, etc.  To use, simply attach the alligator clip from the transmitter to one end, then move the receiver along the path where you suspect the wire is following.  The receiver will emit a tone when ever it senses the hot wire.

Additional features of Gardner Bender’s GET-4110K and GET-4220K Wire Trackers™ include:

  • An adjustable sensitivity control allowing for precise detection of multiple wires
  • Detection of unshielded wires behind walls, floors, and ceilings up to 12 inches
  • A warbling tone to differentiate transmitter signal from other signals
  • An auto-off feature which automatically turns unit off after 30 minutes to conserve battery life
  • A transmitter which self-stores into the receiver for easy carrying
  • Self-storing plugs to guarantee pieces will not become lost
  • Impact resistant rubber housing on the receiver to ensure a soft, comfortable grip for easy handling
  • Convenient clips to hook on a belt for easy carrying

Perfect for automotive, consumer, DVV, electrical, electronic, HVAC, industrial, marine, and telecommunication applications; the Wire Tracker™ is the most compact, versatile wire tracer on the market and the exclusive design guarantees it is the best wire-tracing device available.

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