Originally posted Jan 17th, 2004

Starting January 29th, 2004 I am beginning a new career with CHI Systems.  It is with deepest regrets that I leave Visionquest Systems.  The President, Hank Venter, has been the most inspirational leader I have ever worked with. His dedication to the work ethic and trustworthiness is sorely lacking in today’s workplace.

At CHI Systems I will be the Director of Business Development and Technology Transfer.  In this role I will be assisting each of the three laboratories in shifting appropriate R&D efforts into the military or business community.  CHI Systems is a leading-edge research, development, and engineering company that focuses on creating solutions that “humanize” advanced technologies. They make complex technology more usable, intuitive, and effective for individuals and organizations. To accomplish this, they research and model human intelligence and cognition to bring human-like behavior and capabilities to computer-based systems. At CHI Systems, they work with clients to help them master technology to improve work performance, mission success, and cost effectiveness.

The CHI Systems Orlando office is located in the Central Florida Research Park, the hub of the modeling, simulation, and training systems technology industry of central Florida. The office is co-located with the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD), the U.S. Army Simulation, Training and Instrumentation Command (PEO-STRI), and Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation (AFAMS).  The staff’s unique capabilities include expertise in aircrew survivability in the high-G environment and aviation human factors engineering.  This office provides services from the CHI Systems Human-centered R&D Practice, the Cognitive Engineering Practice, and the Software Engineering and Systems Integration Practice.

The CHI Orlando office also supports NAWCTSD training systems research and development projects for cognitive task analysis and modeling, synthetic agent development, virtual environment applications, and related software engineering. They also support the U.S. Air Force by using cognitive analysis methods to identify mission-essential competencies (MECs), training requirements, and performance support requirements. Further, they develop training and performance support solutions to enhance readiness and performance effectiveness based on those requirements and competencies.

It is our current plan to move Tortuga down to Sanford, Florida on the St. Johns.  We are selecting a marina now. We will keep you posted as our final move takes place.  It is our plan that I will live on Tortuga for a period of time until our house sells in Atlanta and Steph moves down to join me.  The University of Central Florida has a Film and Video Department.  Steph will be looking into faculty positions there.

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