Repairs are looking absolutely perfect.  That’s the good news!  I have a lesson learned already.  On a wooden boat – never think that what you see on the surface as rot stops there.  We have dug deep and found much more damage from the years of prior neglect.  We are estimating a total of two months on the hard at Huckins.  This posting will provide a snap shot over the last five weeks of progress in each of the areas.

Posted March 17, 2005

Tortuga is at Huckins for the last of the major restoration effort (I hope).  The goal of this yard visit is to remove as much soft wood as possible from the hull and deck forward of the mid-ships line.  This is the first time we have focused on this area since purchase.  I knew even prior to purchase that much work was needed here.  The Alaskan series are well known for rain water intrusion specifically around the foredeck drain scuppers on either side at the bridge wing.  The rot began there and then flowed aft and down.  The forward bow and anchor locker section damage was caused by poor maintenance of the upper deck area and allowing the anchor rode to lay stacked (and wet) on the beams at the floor of the locker.  We will remedy that by installing a ventilated shelf above the beam.  Tortuga entered Huckins the second week of Feb and has been awaiting yard time since then.  As you can see by the photos below all of the soft wood has been discovered and major work has begun to remove and prepare for patching.  I anticipate being out of the yards the first week of April.

Hull and Deck Damage
Areas of Hull and Deck Damage
Photos of the Hull and Deck Damage

Starboard hull looking up at worm shoe. Major worm damage from not hulling out often enough.

Zincs on coolers are totally gone whereas zinc on rudders are almost intact. There may be a bonding problem we need to look at.

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