Ever wonder if the water coming from your fresh water tanks was truly fit to drink?  Sometimes there are obvious clues such as smell, color, or green things floating – yuck!$%#  But to be sure, Steph wanted an analytical answer from me.

So off to Home Depot to purchase a water quality test kit.  I picked up the one from Pro Labs, Inc.  The test kit cost around $10 and provides strips to perform two test of the following type:

pH, Total Alkalinity, Total Chlorine, Total Hardness

I tested Tortuga’s starboard fresh water tank on October 13, 2002 and found the following:

  • pH
7.5 (safe)
  • Total Alkalinity
240 (high)
  • Total Chlorine
0 (safe)
  • Total Hardness
120 (hard)
  • Iron
0 (safe)
  • Copper
0 (safe)
  • Nitrate
0 (safe)
  • Nitrite
0 (safe)



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